Josette Jacobs had an early interest in natural healing. She had inherited this passion from her grandmother, who was well versed in herbs and her use. After the early death of her husband, her health was not good, she was looking for alternatives to school medicine, which could not help her. Her first product in 1990 was a Kombucha, which she took on herself regularly and whose positive effect motivated her to continue.

This laid the foundation and Mrs. Jacobs continued to consolidate her knowledge. She read books by book, exchanged with interested people, and continued to attend seminars. Other products such as ointments, elixirs and tinctures have been developed. From 1996 onwards, she sold the first products on hobby markets and later on markets and in several organic shops in Luxembourg.

More and more customers and friends were talking about whether or not to sell their products on the Internet. Together with her son, came into being NAPROJA (natural products Jacobs) with the extended offer of an internet shop to reach also remote nature lovers. The expanded range and the former production facility was stored in larger premises. Nowadays, NAPROJA is sold to other EU countries in addition to Luxembourg and enjoys growing popularity.

NAPROJA stands for selected natural products, which are produced with love and care – and most of them from local herbs. Individual products are also preproducedto bridge different seasons, that individual products may not be available for a while.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

NAPROJA – of course healthy!