großer Schwedenbitter

Large Swedish bitter 200ml


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    The large Swedish bitter is an all-round talent in herbal medicine. It can be applied both internally and externally, e.g. for all kinds of pain, for wound and scar healing, for menstrual problems, for colds, for stomach and intestinal disorders as well as for internal and external inflammations. Our recipe of the great Swedish taster contains 19 healing herbs. The bitter substances in this mixture have a stimulating effect on digestion. It also has a positive effect on the circulation of all organs and generally acts as a reinforcing agent on the entire organism. Beside the big Swedish bitter we also offer the little Swedish bitter (link) according to the recipe of Maria Treben.

    Field of application: For general strengthening, as well as for digestive problems and colds.
    Ingredients: Alk. 40% , muscat, aloe, rhubarb, turmeric venezian, calamus root, myrrh, cucumber root, diotome, gentian, angel spice, larch sponge, terra sigulata fer., Boar sprout, natural camphor, tormentil, bibergail, saffron, muscat blossom, sennes leaves
    Dosage: 1-3 teaspoons diluted in water or tea.

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