St. John´s Wort tincture 60ml


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    St. John’s Wort is the herbal remedy of choice when it comes to mood swings, depressive moods and nervous weakness. Already in the Middle Ages the moodimproving effect of St John’s wort was discovered. St. John’s Wort also has a motivating effect and promotes the absorption of light over the skin. Our St. John’s Wort tincture, according to Maria Treben’s prescription, is  therefore perfectly suited to alleviating mild depressive moods and new motivation, especially in the dark season. Absolutely watch out for sun and solarium: St John’s wort makes the skin sun-sensitive and should not be used if the skin is exposed to intense sunshine (including solariums).

    Application area: Affects nerve weakness and mood fluctuations.
    Usage: Take 10-20 drops of water dissolved in water or tea.
    Ingredients: St. John’s Wort, Alk.40%
    Dosage: 3x 10-20 drops daily in water or tea.

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