Stinging nettle tincture 60ml


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    The stinging nettle are widespread in Europe and are found almost everywhere where people have settled. Everyone knows them, but hardly anyone knows that they have a variety of healing properties. It relieves osteoarthritis, arthritis, prostate problems and bladder problems.
    Due to its dehydrating effect, the nettle is very well suited for the treatment of urinary tract infections and irritable bladders: the urine excretion is increased, the urine – and thus the bacteria – do not stay so long in the body and the healing is accelerated.
    The nettle tincture according to Maria Treben also has a positive effect on rheumatic complaints: it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and can thus help to improve the mobility of rheumatic patients.

    Usage: Take 10-20 drops of water dissolved in water or tea.
    Field of application: Effective dehydration and rheumatic diseases.
    Ingredients: Stinging nettle, Alk. 40%
    Dosage: 3x 10-20 drops daily in water or tea

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